About High Road Alliance

What we work toward

High Road Alliance works to expand the availability of training programs that:

  • Integrate academic, technical, workplace, and digital skills training
  • Incorporate hands-on, applied learning
  • Value and build on adults’ prior knowledge and experience
  • Include on-the-job or work-based training for rapid employment and income
  • Award stackable certifications
  • Leverage public and private systems and resources
  • Lead toward high quality career opportunities

Our values

  • We believe in high road employment.
  • We recognize that each partnership is unique, with unique assets and challenges.
  • Our partnerships are worker-learner centered.
  • We respect the wisdom and knowledge of all.

What is high road employment?

  • Equitably accessible
  • Offering family-sustaining wages and benefits
  • Contributing toward a sustainable economy
  • Contributing toward shared economic prosperity